Author: <span>cobnutadmin</span>

Author: cobnutadmin

COVID-19 precautions

Here at Allens Farm Cobnuts we take every precaution to ensure that your Cobnuts come to you as fresh as possible and that the Cobnut is protected by a shell so no harm can come to the nut. Delivery by Courier ensures that Next Day delivery is our standard. It …

The Cobnuts are slowly turning Golden

You can clearly see the change in the colour of the husks. Over the next few weeks the husks will turn browner still and start falling off. Right now the Cobnut itself is still moist, but it will slowly change to the drier nuttier taste of the Golden Cobnut.

The 2019 Harvest has begun

Good News! The Cobnut experts have checked the crop and given the green light. It looks like we are starting picking on Monday, so orders of Green Cobnuts should start being delivered from Wednesday 28th. Golden Cobnut orders will start being delivered as soon as the Cobnuts start turning golden, …