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By Appointment to
Her Majesty the Queen
Supplier of Kent Cobnuts
Allens Farm

2014 - Ordering is now closed.

Note:- As of 14th September 2014 we are waiting for nature to release the Cobnut Husk, and are therefore not able to 'Dehusk' the Cobnuts at present.
There will be a delay of at least one or two weeks to let nature take it course, before we can start dispatching Golden Cobnuts.

This year’s crop is very early and of good quality. The nuts are big and strong. We look forward to delivering you the very best quality Allens Farm Kent Cobnuts.

Thank you for all your orders.


Green Cobnuts


Green Cobnuts have a unique taste, the nearest we can think of is fresh coconut. By the middle to end of September they will be turning GOLDEN and will become sweet and juicy as the starch is turned to sugar by the Autumn sun.

We will send Green Cobnuts until they have matured to Golden (around mid September) then we will send Golden.

Depending on the crop, Green Cobnuts will be dispatched from the beginning of September until the end of September.



Golden Cobnuts 

Golden Cobnuts will be supplied without the husks, this is due to the difficulty in sorting the Cobnuts in the husk. As there are approx 25% more nuts in a kilo of huskless nuts, prices are higher for Golden Cobnuts. Note:- If you order before the Golden are ready (which is around mid September) your card will be charged immediately. Please check the Website to see when we start dispatching Golden Nuts.

Orders for Golden Cobnuts have now closed.


Paypal takes your payment immediately, so there may be a considerable delay between payment and delivery. If this is a problem for you please order near to the end of August when we expect to start deliveries

Please note that our Cobnuts are delivered by Courier, we ask for deliveries to be ‘LEFT SAFE’ if no one is around, please give special instructions if this is not satisfactory. As the nuts are perishable we do not normally resend, if they are returned undelivered

Deliveries are to the UK Mainland. offshore Islands (including Isle of Wight) 1Kg or 10Kg orders only, please. Overseas orders are not accepted.


We are proud to announce that Allens Farm has been granted the Royal Warrant, for the supply of Kent Cobnuts to Her Majesty the Queen. Allens Farm has been sending Kent Cobnuts to the Royal Households of both Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Charles for many years, and we are delighted to have received the Royal Warrant.

The rehabilitation of the 800 Cobnut trees saved as a result of joining with our neighbour is progressing well, although sadly we have had to cut down several Oak trees which had grown up in the nut plat. We had to choose between preserving a nut plat or creating a woodland.