The Cobnuts are available for pre-order!

The Cobnuts are available for pre-order!

Good news! We know you have all been waiting patiently for the Cobnuts to be ready, and the wait is almost over! The shop is now open, and Green and Golden Cobnuts are now available for pre-order. The Green Cobnuts will be ready to ship as soon as the first harvest is in, usually around the beginning of September. The Golden Cobnut orders will be shipped later, once the nuts start to fall out of the husks. So no need to worry nutters, pre-order now and your nuts will be with you soon enough.

Cobnut Poetry

I recently came across this beautiful poem by Julia Donaldson titled ‘Nut Tree’, and it reminded me of the cobnuts and the upcoming harvest. Here is an excerpt:

And branches grow and stretch and spread
With twigs and leaves above your head.
And on a windy autumn day
The nut tree bends, the branches sway,
The leaves fly off and whirl around,
And nuts go tumbling to the ground:
Small, brown, hard, round.

Do you have any poems which remind you of something special like cobnuts; or maybe you have a favourite piece of poetry? Please do share-we love to hear from you!